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Discover the Essence of Imperial Teachings with Buddhist Caves

October 3, 2012

Buddhism is the religion that is adopted by near about 300 million citizens around the globe. The name signifies the ‘budhi’, that means ‘to awaken’. Buddhism has its basis since 2,500 years in the past. That was the time when the Buddha, was himself enlightened when he was 35. Buddhism explains the intention to life, this particular religion clarifies the noticeable inequality and discrimination around the globe and it also endows you with a system of practice or you can say, a new way of your life that drags you to the true and innermost happiness.

Buddhist caves Tour

In our country India, there are numerous places that give out the significance of the enlightening thoughts of Buddha. There are some of the prehistoric Buddhist caves Tour in various states india and these are listed below:

The caves which are located in Maharashtra are:
1. Ellora caves
2. Ajanta caves
3. Kanheri caves
4. Junnar caves
5. Karla caves
6. Bhaja caves

The caves located in Orissa are:
1. Khandgiri caves
2. Lalitagiri caves
3. Udaigiri caves
4. Ratnagiri caves
5. Dhauli caves
• Barabar caves in Bihar, and

• Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh

Among these, the Ajanta And Ellora Caves are the pride representative of the architectural inheritance of India. The two these brilliant caves are famous around the world for the cave shrine which has been created by cutting the rocks in between by manpower. Both these caves are situated in the mid part of the hills “Sahyadri”. These caves are situated in Maharashtra near a beautiful city of Aurangabad. In the present scenario, Ellora and Ajanta caves are regularly visited by almost all the lovers of heritage from the entire globe. Here, almost the entire work has been motivated from 3 unique beliefs that are Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Among these, Buddhism has earned the utmost space. A huge variety of Buddhist sculptures and paintings alluringly brings back the imperial teaching of Buddha. Both these caves disclose the entire story of Buddhism from top to bottom. Other than the superior architectural works, Ajanta and Ellora caves are also famous as a religious place.
You can reach this place by the following means of transport:
By rail: The closest rail from Ajanta caves starts from a place called Jalgaon. This train has a direct connectivity to various cities big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This station is 58 kilometers away from Ajanta caves.

By air: you can take a flight from any of the major airports like Delhi and Mumbai to Aurangabad. This is nearest to your destination (108 km from Ajanta caves).
By road: you can travel to this place by bus. If are traveling from Mumbai then, you have to travel 400km till this place. Similarly, 58 km from Jalgaon and 108 km from Aurangabad.

So, plan a trip to have a glimpse of the Buddhist teachings and brilliant architecture. If you want to get the best travel plans for you then preferably you should go with “Buddhist Train”.

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