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Buddhist Tour, walk the path towards solace

April 24, 2012
Buddhist Tour

Tracing back to the life of Siddhartha, a curious wandering prince who began his quest for the ultimate truth to solve the mystery of existence, he renounced his royal pleasures and in the end walked on the path towards Nirvana. It was then when Buddhism came into existence, one of the great religions of India; it’s a religion that enlightens its followers and guides them towards salvation. For all the eager travelers who want to experience the true sense of Buddhism, avail a Buddhist Tour and instill in yourself the true essence of Buddhism.

Buddhist Pilgrimage

In the words of Lord Buddha, his follower can only attain merit and Nobel rebirth by going on a Buddhist Pilgrimage , a journey that will take you past some of the most significant Buddhist places and sites. It will be a journey into the life of Lord Buddha, as it will take you past some of the most holistic places which held lot of relevance in Lord Buddha’s life .These places can best be explored by going on a Buddhist pilgrimage tour that will take you past Lumbini, Buddha’s place of birth, Bodhgaya, his place of enlightenment, Sarnath, where he delivered his first sermon, Kushinagar ,the place where he attained Nirvana. A journey to these places will be the most engaging and inspiring journeys of all.

Buddhist Temple Tour

Buddhist Temple Tour

Buddhist Temple Tour is the best suited for all the followers of Lord Buddha, it’s a tour that offers a holistic journey to the most well known Buddhist temples and sites. It’s a journey that will enrich your heart and soul and will help you attain solace. A visit to the Buddhist temples will be a lot worthwhile as one will be able to witness the marvel that lies in the Buddhist art and architecture. This trip to the holy land of Lord Buddha will be truly absorbing.

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