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Buddhist Pilgrimage, mélange your soul with the color of Buddhism

April 14, 2012
Buddhist Pilgrimage

If we go by the words of Lord Buddha, a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is mandatory for each one of us.As Lord Buddha once said to his followers that a person can only attain merit and Nobel rebirth by going on a Buddhist Pilgrimage, which meant a trip to all those places that had witnessed the life of Lord Buddha, who being a wandering price renounced his royal kingdom and began his ultimate search for the truth behind the mystery of existence. The Buddhist pilgrim tour takes the traveler to places like Lumbini; the place of Lord Buddha’s birth, Bodhgaya; the place of his enlightenment, Sarnath; where he delivered his first sermon and Kushinagar; where he attained Nirvana. A trip to all these holistic place of Lord Buddha will truly be a captivating one.

Buddhist Temples and Sites

Buddhist Temples and Sites

Buddhism, being one of the great religions in India is known for its numerous alluring Buddhist Temples and Sites that are scattered all over the country. Known for their art, architecture, and their religious significance, they are the living symbols of unimaginable beauty. Multitudes of the followers of Lord Buddha and also a large number of eager tourists throng the various Buddhist temples and sites that are known to exist in places like Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Patna, Vaishali, Kushinager, Lumbini and Sravasti. If you are on a Buddhist pilgrimage, do not miss to visit these places.

Buddhist Trail

For all the travelers who are eager to discover the path of enlightenment, follow the Buddhist Trail , a track that will lead you away from your squalid life and mélange your soul with the color of Buddhism .It will be a journey that will indeed serve as a true path finder for you.

Visit Buddhist Tour in India and Ajanta Caves.


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