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Buddhist Tour in India

April 4, 2012
Buddhist Tour in India

India is a land where multiple religious communities reside. Hindus, Muslim, Christians, Jain, Sikhs, and Buddhists all reside in complete harmony here. One of the combinations of religion with travel is the India Buddhist tours.

While Gautam Buddha is historically considered to have born in Nepal, most of his activities and preaching were made in India. That is why, India has a number of locations of interest for people who either follow or are interested in Buddhist faith.

Catering to the requirements of the visitors looking to cover Buddhist Place in India , providers are coming up with multiple tour packages. Such packages include private tours, fundamental tours, institutional tours, group tours, Buddhist festival tours and various others. People with religious bend of mind also look forward to visiting Buddhist temples and sites. Tour organizers provide suitable packages for all types of visitors and tourists.

Buddhist temple tour

Some of the major Buddhist sites in the country are Boddha Gaya, Dharmasla, Nalanda, Varanasi, Dhauli in Odisha, and a few places in South India. Most visitors however prefer to visit Buddhist locations in India and Nepal together or wish to cover a complete tour of India with Sikim for a comprehensive Buddhist temple tour . Such tours give the visitors twin benefits of enjoying excellent Mountain View, environment and natural beauty of hill stations and pilgrimage. There are also many foreign visitors that combine visit of Hindu temples with Buddhist temples in a package tour to make the tour all encompassing.

Tourists on short tours also often use such combinations. For instance, many visitors visit Buddhists places of interests combining with their short tours resulting in Buddhist Tour With Golden Triangle that gives them both sides of the package tour.

Short tours are possible but usually comprehensive Buddhist tours and travels in India packages come in the range of 7-15 days depending on the requirements, budget, and preference of the choice.

Once again; the important thing for the visitor is to choose the right tour organizer for the purpose.

Visit Buddhist Tour in India and Kushinagar Buddhist Tour.


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